Trump suggested Tuesday on Twitter that what he

Now subject to is great for contract assignment or long term hold even if what I mentioned above is true. To get around the above mentioned. I do lease options with me staying in the middle. Casey, Jr., D Scranton, fired a pre emptive strike against Wednesday in the form of a strongly worded letter on the subject to Walgreens President and CEO, Stefano Pessina:"Any substantial loss of jobs would have a devastating impact on families, the local community and the economy of Pennsylvania," Casey writes."The Rite Aid headquarters have been an essential part of the Camp Hill/East Pennsboro Township community for decades. It plays a critical role in small business development and is a staple of the community. I look forward to any opportunity to work with you to maintain these jobs, and to utilize any federal programs that may be relevant," he concludes.Whether Casey words will have any effect on Walgreens long term plans is another matter.And what of Rite Aid, itself, as a brand?Black, who knows marketing, predicts Rite Aid stores could remain for some time, at least in Central Pennsylvania, but eventually Walgreens will want to consolidate its national marketing behind a single name and brand its own."I think Rite Aid will fade," Black predicted.

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