Tragedies must end, and to end them we must change

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And on the days where Regan wasn't out of town he'd obviously want to spend as much time with her as possible too, which accounted for two or three days a week depending on whether it was a pay per view week. And then of course, there was Jason, who had been a major contributing factor in David decided to retire in the first place, because he was conscious of just how much he was missing out on the little guy's life while away with SCW on a regular basis, so it would be the cheap jerseys nba perfect excuse to get to spend much more time with his son. But even with all that, even after rationalising things that way, David still wondered how well he'd cope with being released into the real world without the pressure from the world of pro wrestling sat on his shoulders!It wasn't as if he enjoyed the stress, if anything he should be more than just mindful of it because in a very real sense that stress could kill him if his inflammatory heart disease came back, which wouldn't be the most ideal of things to happen given his proximity to retirement and said life of luxury that he hoped to lead.

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Ask any former NHL player who's about 45 or older if he ever had a concussion and he's likely to say he got his bell rung once or twice but went back out and played. It was unthinkable not to. Stoicism was and is as much a part of the game as ice..

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