Perfect for couples, families or solo travellers, the

"Most restaurants these days are doing the leave the food on the table, step back, take your food thing," Domingo said. "We're closer than three feet away from customers at some points in the drive thru, with no plexiglass at this point. And we're just working to limit the impact of this virus on our staff, and the spread to all of our customers and their families.".

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cheap jerseys Stunning beach views at Six Senses Con Dao (Image: Cheap Jerseys china Basil Childers/Six Senses Con Dao)Over the last decade, Vietnam has cemented itself as one of the hottest travel destinations for those wanting more than just sun, sea and sand.And it is easy to see why while the south east Asian country boasts these important elements dotted along its vast coastline, there are some hidden gem resorts nestled in unexpected locations that offer more than just a bog standard summer holiday.And for those who are searching for peace, tranquility and a generous helping of luxury (who isn look no further than Six Senses resorts.Perfect for couples, families or solo travellers, the two locations in south east Vietnam Con Dao and Ninh Van Bay are so remote they are only reachable by plane and speedboat respectively.They're known for their sandy beaches, coral reefs and marine life, as well as their impressive sustainability programme.(Image: Basil Childers/Six Senses Con Dao)To witness such sights, you will need to travel a little further than the hustle and bustle of Ho Chi Min City, where Vietnam Airlines flies its Dreamliner aircrafts direct from London Heathrow.Flying out at 11am on Saturday, it was a bit of a shock to the system when we landed, 12 hours later, at 5am on Sunday.Thankfully staying awake for that entire day proved surprisingly manageable thanks to the stunning backdrop at our first destination, along with the warm welcome we received from Six Senses staff.After a short domestic flight to Con Dao, one of a group of tiny islands just off the southeast coast, we were met by our official chaperones who offered us a traditional Vietnamese lemongrass drink and warm towel to wash our faces and hands with (being handed free stuff here is the new norm).Organic garden at Six Senses Con DaoThe polite and friendly staff set the tone for the kind of treatment we would get throughout our stay with every smile I try to mimic their greeting, chao', which was always warmly received by everyone at the luxury resort, perhaps appreciative that we attempted the lingo.It is on the journey to the resort you get your first glimpse of Vietnam beauty. The 20 minute drive to Six Senses Con Dao is just as much a part of the experience as staying at the resort itself travelling along the coastline you have blue water to the left and green shrubbery and jungle to the right the perfect colours to represent the island's protected national and marine park.The Elephant Bar by night, Six Senses Con DaoThe resort itself offers the perfect base to connect back to nature. The villas are especially impressive with ocean views from your bed, balcony and your own private pool, which is deliciously inviting.It admirably boasts a cheap jerseys green sea turtles conservation project which sees hatchlings born under supervision released into the sea. cheap jerseys

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