It is a prioritising of fantasy over fact; fiction

Oyelowo is so transparent in the role that King emerges as an everyday man with a gift for oratory in the right place at the right time. But it's his steely desire to do the right thing that makes him inspirational. And how he reacts when he discovers the human cost of his actions..

A small fee allows us to invest more in power features, he tells me. Things like accounting integrations, multi user access that not all businesses need but cost us more to build. And so it seems fair to offer a free tier for people who don need that extra powerful functionality, and then a pro tier for people who do.

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New Hampshire has begun offering curbside pickup at two of its most popular liquor stores ahead of Memorial Day weekend, as officials gradually roll back restrictions aimed at limiting the spread of the coronavirus. Powers, a spokesman for the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, confirmed Saturday that the agency is piloting limited hours of both curbside and in store pickup at their Hampton location off I 95 northbound and their Hooksett location on I 93 northbound. Orders, which must be a minimum of two bottles, can also be reserved up to two weeks in advance..

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