I consider myself a history buff and Richmond offers

While ten of the 16 teams in the NRL are based in NSW and could travel home after games, the trouble appears to be whether teams from interstate and the New Zealand Warriors can relocate to Sydney or gain exemptions from state governments to travel in and out of their home states.Since it has been announced, the Queensland and ACT governments have appeared to stand in the way of the back and forth plan, with a relocation firming.The Gold Coast Titans have been the first team to agree to the move to NSW to help the competition get back underway.Titans CEO Steve Mitchell said the Titans were prepared to make sacrifices, including setting up camp in Sydney.want to get the competition, for the greater good for the code, up and going again, not at the detriment of health and their community greater general wellbeing, that first and fundamentally paramount, Mitchell told ABC Radio. We have to make sacrifices in order to get the competition going.that means we need to go through some adversity and some different obstacles that we need to work through so be it. New Zealand Warriors are seemingly preparing to make camp wholesale jerseys in Sydney but have not yet officially announced the move, with questions being sent to the NRL regarding the move.While there has been a debate raging over the weekend over whether the first two rounds should be counted or not, the winless Titans are eager to allow the results to stand this season.Politis argued that all results should be wiped ahead of the planned May 28 resumption to ensure the of the game, saying it had nothing to do with the two time defending premiers 0 2 season start.Fellow winless outfits the Warriors and Cronulla have echoed Politis https://www.wholesalesjerseysupply.com controversial call but the reigning wooden spooners said the season should continue from where it was up to.results should stand, Titans executive chairman Dennis Watt told AAP.

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