His mix of size and athleticism makes him a tough

"I not a big hype guy either. Hype fades quickly. It's good for the first 15 seconds or so but a match is seven minutes and a tournament is three days, or two days at the Big Tens. James: You always get the feeling while watching LeBron James that he could, in fact, score at any point he wanted he just chooses to share the load. Where Jordan had to be coached to give up the ball, James is a much more willing sharer. His mix of size and athleticism makes him a tough man to stop and almost impossible when he coming in with speed.

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In neighborhoods across the country, the local beat cop is a lifeline. They do their jobs stoically, realizing that every interaction with co workers and community members exposes them to possible infection. Every contact increases the risk of carrying the virus home to their families.

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