He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by the

This tragic episode was the culmination of weeks of apathy shown by the centre towards stranded migrant workers. The heart wrenching visuals of migrant workers and their families walking down highways, with hunger in their eyes and blisters on their feet, were enough to shake any conscience. The central government, however, offered only a blind eye..

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Sontag was born Jan. 16, 1933, in New York City and raised in Tucson and Los Angeles, the daughter of an alcoholic schoolteacher mother and a fur trader father who died in China of tuberculosis during the Japanese invasion when Sontag was 5. She was a graduate of North Hollywood High School and attended UC Berkeley and the University of Chicago which she entered when she was 16 and Harvard and Oxford..

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, a fisherman and the only breadwinner of his large family, was arrested by the Intelligence Office of Bushehr on September 1, 2009, on charges of (membership in dissenting communities). He was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by the Revolutionary Court of Bushehr. Upon his arrest, he was kept in solitary confinement and subjected to psychological and emotional torture..

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