But there is a way to have a special cultural evening

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wholesale nfl jerseys That's when his condition took a turn. After he didn't answer his phone, Warren found out that Herring was in intensive care. She said she spoke to him once again on the phone. You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeLockdown may be preventing LightNight from taking place in Liverpool this evening but that doesn mean its organisers will be giving up and going to bed early.On any normal year the city centre would be packed with people walking or taking a green bus from venue to venue, experiencing unexpected works of art, free performances and visiting places they may not have discovered before.With all art galleries, museums, theatres, cathedrals and other buildings closed to the public during the coronavirus lockdown, this obviously can happen tonight.But there is a way to have a special cultural evening from the safety of your own home as Open Culture, the team behind the event, have created LightNightatHome.Read MoreThe Liverpool Echo has a free app and here how to download itThey are clear that this isn an online recreation of LightNight as what makes that evening so special is everyone exploring the city together. Instead, it being described as an showcase of work shared with us as a mark of solidarity with artists, many of whom are finding it challenge to make a living during the lockdown.You can find all the online events, ranging from a Facebook live performance by the next generation of grime artists and rappers to an Instagram drawing challenge here.And Open Culture is encouraging people to share photos and happy memories of previous LightNights as well as their experiences of taking part tonight on social media using the hashtag LightNightatHome.Here are some of today highlights: InterfaceLaura Kate Chapman was commissioned to create a work for LightNight2020 and has adapted it for online. In Interlace, she is asking us to consider what home means to us in a series of craft activities using objects you can find in the house wholesale nfl jerseys.