Always leading from the front

"I do a ratings system, and I always thought it was unfair that teams were ranked based on yards," Aikman said. "I came up with this system that took into consideration yards per pass, yards per run, scoring, turnovers, third down conversions, red zone scoring all the things that I feel are conducive to winning football. The best defense in the league this year by my ratings was the New York Giants, and I believe they were the best in football.

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In 1901 the Pennsylvania Railroad acquired the Long Island Rail Road and went about an extensive program of improvements. The PRR had long desired a terminal on Manhattan Island itself, instead of in Jersey City. The PRR built a grand station, Pennsylvania Station, with tracks oriented approximately east west, and dug two sets of tunnels, one under the Hudson River to Cheap Jerseys free shipping connect the new station with the Pennsylvania Railroad network, and another set under the East River to connect with the Long Island Rail Road..

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