Alberta, for example, has produced a succession of

"For wholesale nfl jerseys from china me, it's a sign that we're making real progress."The number of hospitalized patients also continued to fall, dropping to over 4,600.Cuomo announced that the Mid Hudson region the area along the Hudson River north of New York City and south of Albany is set to begin reopening on Tuesday, and Long Island could follow suit Wednesday.Cuomo signed an order late Friday allowing people to assemble in groups of as many as 10 as long as they stay at least 6 feet from other people and wear masks when they can't maintain that distance.The surprise order came hours after the New York Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit challenging earlier rules allowing gatherings only for religious services and Memorial Day commemorations. The NYCLU argued the Constitution requires the same right be extended to people gathering for other reasons.Cuomo's move could clear the way for New Yorkers to picnic together in parks and backyards if they don't get too close to their friends."I've been really clear about the beaches; they are closed for swimming," de Blasio said Friday at his daily coronavirus briefing. "There will not be lifeguards.

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